Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pengasuh kejam mandikan budak

Sanggup tak tengok video ni????

pengasuh tu dah pun ditangkap...baca nih.

Police in Thuan Giao Commune, southern Binh Duong Province, have put a baby-sitter in custody for abusing a three-year-old girl pending further investigation.
Photo: VnExpress
They began an immediate investigation after a video clip of Tran Thi Phung abusing the toddler was posted on the internet yesterday. The inquiry led them to the home where the incident occurred.Phung was filmed pulling the little girl's hair and continuously splashing cold water in her face and up her nose at a day-care centre she operates in Binh Thuan 1 Village. Phung has run the centre illegally for more than 10 years.

She admitted her behaviour after watching the video clip.
After learning of the abuse from police, the girl's parents took her to the hospital for a check-up and she was diagnosed with bronchitis. The infection could have been caused by so much cold water hitting her face.

Chairman Nguyen Van Trung of the Thuan Giao Commune People's Committee said local authorities would inspect the day-care centre and asked the local police to investigate the case.

Trung said inspectors had proposed punishing five illegal nursery centres in the commune but there are still many others operating illegally in the locality due to high demand.

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